The 1 Biggest Reason Nature Matters in our Spiritual Lives–from a Modern Point of View


iStock_000057827554_MediumBeing outside is one of the great pleasures in life, particularly in good weather. I love pulling weeds, planting seeds, pushing the kids around for a walk or run and even the occasional hike; (see my picture of Skellig Michael in Ireland above).

But I don’t consider the “why,” very often, as I do with a lot of other things.

This short article really hit-home for me about some of the reasons being outside feels so good and is so good for us.

“God created humans in the wild and placed us in a garden. We’re meant to live a substantial portion of our lives outdoors—and it’s a unique place to experience our Creator and restore our spirits.” – Michael Hyatt

In a sense, this is so obvious, and yet we don’t hear it enough. Our love for natural boils down to a simply, basic spiritual reality.

Great saints have said similar things, “The Heavens are singing the glory of God” -St. Francis.

Hyatt ‘s blog connects it with business and personal development, which is nice in this case because sometimes it helps to hear things in a contemporary context. And he has research and studies about how being in or even just seeing nature aids your mind, concentration, sleep habits, physical fitness and also spiritual life.  Continue reading


From T & C Forum: Cutting through the Spin on Planned Parenthood selling baby parts

Regarding the revelations of top Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one abortion provider, selling parts of aborted babies:

“Planned Parenthood wants to use the rhetoric of “research” and legality, even though the profit-generating nature of this practice is plainly evident.

“Regardless of the reasons for public malaise, there is a significant difference between dead adults and aborted infants. Except in cases of malpractice, the hospitals and doctors did not kill the adults. In abortion, a growing, healthy or at least living, human being is intentionally killed by a doctor with the consent of his or her mother. This makes the question of profit or trafficking all the more troubling: death is being dealt for “research” at best or “profit” at worst.”

Read the whole article at the link above.