Hi there! I hope you have been enjoying the content on my blog.  It is extremely important to me to create thoughtful, engaging, helpful, informed content and I spend many hours a week putting it together.

If you like my work, I would be very grateful for your support, if you have the resources and the desire. If not, please don’t worry about it for one second. The posts will always be free, and I hope you continue to visit, interact, enjoy and consider.

For those interested, I working to take this blog up a notch in the tech department, and there are three big ways you can help support me:


This is new and very cool. It gives you the option of signing up to give me a “tip” for posting. If you enjoy my content consistently and want to see more of it, this may be for you. If you sign up with Patreon to be my patron, you sign up to give me a small amount for each month (I set it up monthly in case I post more than usual. Usual, btw, is about 4 posts per month). It would be really swell of you to do this, but again only if you have the resources and desire.

I am raising money to get this website hosted on its own server; that means I can have a unique domain name (like and do fun tech things in the side bar like offer free ebooks. I really want to make ebooks available to my readers!