NoVa Mom Resources

From reading the About Me, you know this is my theology, books and commentary blog. I am also a full-time mom, something that comes into my writing occasionally. Something else I work on is attending and publicizing moms groups, especially Catholic ones. Some are run by parishes, some more free-floating.

I would like to use this page to post lists of active mom groups in the Diocese of Arlington, other mom resources and listing for some activities that I do myself. This can work in conjunction with the NoVa Catholic Mamas Facebook group.

I’ll start with: NoVa Catholic Mamas

St. Philip’s Mom’s Group in Falls Church, VA

St. Thomas More Moms in Arlington, VA

St. James Moms in Falls Church, VA

St. Agnes Moms in Arlington, VA

Holy Half Hour held First Fridays in McLean, VA at the Youth Apostles Institute near St. John’s Catholic Church (10:30am, perfect for infants through school age children)

NoVa Catholic Moms Meet-Up on


Moms need friends, whether stay-at-home or working. It’s a transformative time of life and support from fellow walkers and those who have gone before is essential.

I plan to expand this page and provide more links as I can. Please comment below if you live in the area and would like to learn more or come to stuff (or submit a confidential contact form over on the contact page).