Local Book Places #5 Busboys and Poets/ Politics and Prose



I did something so hopelessly cliche it makes me laugh, but it was fun and that’s what matters: a book-signing at Busboys and Poets.

I had begun reading Lit by Mary Karr with the Contemporary Catholic Writers reading group at CUA, and it just so happened that Ms. Karr came to town to promote a new book of hers. Mary Karr is famous for her memoirs, Lit being the third, an emotionally affecting book wherein she details her troubled childhood, her descent into alcoholism and subsequent conversion to Catholicism. I haven’t made itwp-image-1247971232jpg.jpg to the conversion part yet, but I’m hooked. So I went.

I metroed into DC to the flagship location of Busboys and Poets, a restaurant and freelancer hot spot that hosts poetry readings, author talks and also sells books, which are stocked by another Washington artsy staple, Politics and Prose, the socially-conscious book sellers. Politics & Prose the book store has two locations in DC. Busboys and Poets, the restaurants, have several locations in the DC/Nova/MD area.

It was every bit as stereotypical as you think: murals on the wall featuring socially relevant figures: think Ghandi, Martin Luther King, abstract animals and menus featuring drinks with soy milk and vegan options. But hey, those guys are important and those menus fit a niche, and my blueberry tea latte with almond milk was awesome!

The selection here is mostly thoughtful non-fiction with a variety of social justice bents. There is some fiction and a few children’s books. It’s similar to Potter’s Houswp-image-512733664jpg.jpge, which was Local Book Place #1, but less religious though it’s not entirely lacking.wp-image-1490645284jpg.jpg

So check it out, drink a coffee, and revel in Washingtonian-ness 😉

Here are a few pics; there was also a book about Ernest Hemingway’s life that led to his book, The Sun Also Rises.

Marilynne Robinson, whose essay book is featured below, is Christian and has won the Pulitizer Prize in fiction. Her work stands out on its own merit, and because of its honest incorporation of faith themes. I haven’t read her famous Gilead yet, but she will be at the National Book Festival next weekend.

What book spots do you like? Have you ever gone to a book-signing? What vegan-menu item would you be most likely to order?





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