Local Bookstore Showcase #4: Prospero’s in Old Town Manassas

In continuing this series, I had the pleasure of visiting Prospero’s in Old Town Manassas and it is really cool. This is the type of place I could spend hours, if I had them.

It specializes in used books and old maps and even has a section of antique books which are over 100 years old. It also has a shelf in the front for new books by local authors. Very cool, all around.

In many ways, it is like a library. It has many large reference type volumes and its detailed sections carry a lot more heft than the more popular-oriented new releases at most bookstore. It wouldn’t be a bad place to start research, especially for something in the humanities.

I almost selected a book that traced the story of the historical Kind Arthur. I then wandered to the history section and found a complete set of the official history of World War II, laid out as a whole shelf of green-spined tomes, like an encyclopedia.

The store itself is beautiful, smells like old paper and is lined with tall shelves filled to the brim. Shakespeare is up front. Paperbacks are in the back.

I only wish I had more occasions to be in Manassas.

And here is the evidence:




This is the shelf for new books

The rack of new publications stands beneath a portrait of the Bard.



The antique books and some cards.


Me next to the illustrated works of Shakespeare.


My take away. Perhaps unusual for me. But the military and the lives of soldiers are two things I know very little about and I would like to learn more. So there it is.

Would you visit if you were stopping through? What subject might you wander into? Do you have any favorite bookstores or libraries? Do you recommend anything in the DC/Virginia area?


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