Consider Supporting Me on Patreon (so I can get my own URL)

lmehihkfybjhxa8hkjmuw6bdfleabgdfrizpc99iifhbbwzqo73atnmxfo0err0d_large_2I prefer to focus on content. But today, I’d like to share some details behind the running of this blog.

  1. I hope you like it here. I love writing and reading; they absolutely keep me sane, so I will keep on writing, and hopefully, you’ll keep on reading no matter what.
  2. I am ready to grow. There are more things I would like to do to grow my readership. I want to offer free e-books, have direct email sign ups on the sidebar, maybe even an affiliate link to amazon, and my own server space and unique URL address like
  3. All these growing things cost money, especially the server space and the upgraded wordpress account.
  4. Patreon is a super & user-friendly way to help me raise money from people who enjoy the content that I create and provide. So I made a Patreon account.
  5. If you like my work and would like to support its growth, please visit me here to offer a monthly pledge or “tip.”

It would help me SO, SO much and the first 20 supporters get to ask me a question on any topic and have it appear in a blog post. I am ramping up other rewards too which will be ready for roll out soon like a printable, pin-able manifesto of the core principles of this blog and my writing, of playlists of inspiring and/or historical music and all kinds of fun stuff.

Really though, I want to start making some of my work available as free e-books and the tech support I need to do that well is gonna cost me some bucks. So please, visit

Note: Don’t donate if you don’t have funds. Only you know your situation, and this blog is here to bring you fresh insights, not run you into the ground.

Also, supporting me on Patreon is like a donation. It is not a guarantee of content or of content that you will like. I cannot be responsible for dissatisfaction with my blog posts, so the second you aren’t happy anymore, you can stop supporting me. I won’t be offended. It’s okay. (That being said, I have a pretty steady record of posting about once a week and I strive to hold myself to high standards in my writing.)

So think about it. Visit me at and let’s make fun things happen soon!

Thanks a million just for reading!



2 thoughts on “Consider Supporting Me on Patreon (so I can get my own URL)

  1. hi there–I pledged!

    How do I post my free comment or question?? Hope you guys are well. P.S. I think this is a great idea!

    love, dad

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