Bookstore visit: Top Picks from Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble gets knocked sometimes for being too corporate. And that’s true enough; they are a big corporation.

But often B&N is the only book store in town, if there even is one, and they have a great kids section, cool gifts and host author events and book parties. (I have no affiliation with Barnes and Noble at all; this is all my unsolicited personal opinion). And I love to visit with my kids in the winter.

So, here are some picks from our last visit. Since I bring children, and I don’t want to buy the whole store, we take pictures of the titles that interest us.

This time I was really impressed with the local history section, which I had never paid attention to before. There’s a tree house book in there to help guide me to my dream home, some books of poems and legends that I want to teach to the kids, some classics that I enjoy, some gift picks and a toy pick from my son.

What would you browse for?

Here we go:


To inspire my lifestyle.


Love legends. I need to teach the kids. Yes, that is my son’s hand.


So cool! Lego’s and fairy tales. So much culture!


Good local resource.


I could stand to.learn a lot more about where I’m from.


For husband?


Love this book. It captures so much faith and philosophy and family dynamics.


Fascinating take on an ideal society. It’s an odd genre and very old, so the sensibilities are not the same as today’s, but it is very thought provoking.


My number one pick of the day. I hope to inspire a love of poetry in my kids.


My son’s pick of the day.


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