Local Book Shop Showcase #1: Potter’s House in Adam’s Morgan, DC

In the spirit of getting out more, and in keeping with the Catholic and booky themes of this blog, I present a small series on neat, local bookstores, which for me is Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

First stop: Potter’s House in Adam’s Morgan of Washington DC, a book shop/ coffee house that focuses on Christian spirituality and social justice. Anyone can get a cup of coffee and a soup for whatever he or she can pay, even if that is nothing. I will say that several of theology offerings are a bit suspect, but the shop never claims to be orthodox Catholic. So I don’t endorse every book in there. But that being said, they really did have a wealth of titles, especially of thinkers and ideas I may not have run into otherwise. Browsing there was a joy. Here are few highlights.   There is a lot to learn from that place.






Thanks to my good friend Kate for discovering it and inviting me out.

I’d also like to point out that cool cookbook and there is a book there on Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Charles Marsh, who teaches at UVA, my alma mater.


2 thoughts on “Local Book Shop Showcase #1: Potter’s House in Adam’s Morgan, DC

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