Welcome Pope Francis, the Man Who Walks the Walk

The Pope, himself!

I am very excited for Pope Francis’s visit to the U.S. that includes Washington D.C. (hi!), New York, and Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families.

Pope Francis is the second pope since I’ve been a Catholic. I loved Benedict XVI, see my post on his Jesus of Nazareth series, but I love Pope Francis too! In his way of life, he captures a lot of the shock but also sincerity of Christ’s teachings, and people are drawn to him. The pope recently called for all parishes and monasteries to open their doors to refugees from the Middle East. Few people realize that Pope Pius XII also did this for Jews during World War II. This is using the office well, and it’s inspiring to see.

The pope will arrive in Washington next week on Wednesday, September 23. I doubt I will be able to manage the logistics of lining up to see his parade on the mall, but I wish I could! Pope Francis will meet with the President, pray at St. Matthews and canonize Junipero Serra later at the National Basilica.

More information about his Washington visit is available here from the Archdiocese of Washington.

http://adw.org/2015/09/10/archdiocese-of-washington-announces-parade-route-for-pope-francis-in-washington/Then he’s off to New York and Philly. The pope’s full schedule is online at the USCCB’s office.


Welcome Pope Francis! from Stephanie, at this little blog.

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