“Just” A Mom: Beyond Having it all

New from me on the Truth and Charity Forum:

Just a Mom: Beyond Having it all

“The truth is: no one gets to have it all. Not a single human being has a perfect life devoid of dilemma and tragedy; we are absurd when we suggest that there could be a silver bullet that will deliver all the happiness we could ever desire this side of heaven.”

Unfortunately, our standard of “success” is usually public recognition or the number of zeros in a paycheck. The standard should be though a happy, purposeful life. The rearing of children is in fact fulfilling and important, and it can balanced in the evening hours with the pursuit of a talent.

Mothers are human beings just like other women and just like men who benefit and grow from the pursuit of excellence in a way that contributes to their flourishing, in a way that makes them better humans and therefore better mothers. We mothers of young children only benefit by sharing our experience and our gifts and encouraging one another to pursue excellence.

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