(new) Book Review: The Princess Guide

The Princess Guide uses fairy tales as jumping off points for theological reflection on various aspects of growing up and life for young women.

It is kind and wise, like a loving and well-versed older sister guiding a younger sister. The princess guide does not condescend to young women by pouring on flattery. Instead, it uses familiar stories to bid them hear their higher calling that comes from God alone.

I will say the author sometimes paints with broad brush strokes, perhaps overlooking some nuance, particularly in the section on the differences between men and women. Nevertheless, the heart is in the right place and the guidance offered to young readers is invaluable.

It discusses the value of work, fear, true beauty, and challenges cultural assumptions on artificial contraception and cohabitation. Terraccino addresses women as women in all their uniqueness and value while drawing on Scripture, the Church Fathers, the Catechism, and personal experience. Rare is the book that draws on such wide theological resources within the Church and presents them in so accessible a way, especially for this audience. Too often, the rich teachings and history of the Church lay buried. Terraccino wonderfully and practically brings them too light.

God gave all women and men a royal calling; all persons are called to imitate Christ in his three-fold office of priest, prophet and king. Read this book and let Terraccino show you how to live the royal vocation in the here and now.


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