Two recent peices on surrogate motherhood

Part I: Abandoned Babies Reveal Inherent Problems of Surrogacy

“All too often the horror occurs of aborting or abandoning to a surrogate a child who fails to measure up to the hopes of the parent. In these situations, the objectification of the child is clear—he or she is treated like a new pair of shoes with a smudge that is then rejected and returned. ”

Part II: Surrogacy, Prostitution, Power

“Precisely because of the deep intimacy of pregnancy and motherhood, the attempt to buy the pregnancy of another woman inherently leads to harmful power dynamics, just as it does in cases of prostitution and pornography. In short, a wealthy client thinks he can purchase a woman’s body, and the women who are ensnared by this are the most vulnerable who tend to lack (or feel they lack) other options for making money.”