No Art for Grown Ups

Thought of the day: We encourage kids to draw, sing, dance, write, paint, sculpt (with play doh), learn instruments and do all manner of artsy things. We are thrilled with scribble; we record them dancing to music; we scrape dry play doh out of the carpet for them; we attend every recital.

And that’s great…all the way up through high school. But then we expect them to put those away in college and do serious things.


Hardly any adults engage in the arts except professionals. And we tend to be pretty skeptical even of them and especially of amateur art simply for its own sake.


Part of it, of course, is that adults have less free time and must dedicate a large amount of time to supporting the household either through paid work or domestic work. Adults have a lot of duties and not much time to allot to hobbies and passions that don’t bring home the bacon or make the beds.

But I think art is intrinsic to a meaningful life. It’s very natural to humans. Art for its own sake is it own reward. It’s one of those creative tasks that fills up our emotional tank. It helps us process experiences and create beauty.

I find it sad that we tend to laugh at amateur poets and painters.

I find it sad that there are very few friendships that include creating and sharing creative works. It would be wonderful to find the arts as a more important piece of adult social life. (Yes, I’m thinking of the Inklinds, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and their friends who shared literary works together).

So with that in mind, let’s do more art! (Must go take my own advice now)


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